Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No, she didn't say if she was Nigerian

As you may have gathered, I've been without an office to lord over for a few months now. In that time, I've been searching for a job while being a stay-at-home dad for my two boys, two activities that have grown increasingly more frantic (and occasionally discouraging) as the weeks have piled up. I'm ready for a break, of either the "vacation" or the "lucky" variety, or possibly even of the "5 to 7 years with no opportunity for parole" variety.

So I'm standing in Target on Monday, looking at little boys' underwear, when a voice behind me says, "Excuse me." I glance over my shoulder and see, not a poice officer, but a young woman pushing a shopping cart full of kids.

"Sure," I said, moving to provide her with equal underwear access. (Oh, how infrequently I say those words at this married, toddler-ridden stage of my life. Or pretty much any stage prior to this one, for that matter. But I digress.)

"No, I wanted to talk to you," she said.

"Oh!" I replied suavely. No doubt the studious contemplation I am giving to the question of whether to gird my child's loins in Diego or Grover has made her single me out as a caring father. What will she ask me, I wonder? Potty training advice? How to throw a spiral? How to keep her little darling from pulling down on Mommy's bathing suit top at the public pool? I hope she's prepared for a gentle rejection on all of those topics.

"I'm a recruiter with Citigroup," she says. "We're looking at opening a number of offices in the area, and we'll need to staff them up pretty quickly. I'm just wondering, are you keeping your career options open?"

Now, I have relatively little experience as a recruiter, but I have to say, one place I never looked for candidates was among the "spending a little too much time in boys' underwear" group at my local Target. I'd think that this economy would have the qualified candidates (and the people like me) flocking to the recruiters, not the other way around. Is this the new paradigm in the recruiting world? Or should I be concerned about a scam? And what kinds of recruiting scams are there, anyway?


Doug said...

Did she pass you a flyer and say "if you don't forward this to 5 of your unemployed friends in the next ten minutes, great misfortune will fall upon you and your loved ones"?

Unknown said...

HEY. You cannot end a story like that. What in the world happened?

And btw, it only speaks to your incredible value as a candidate. Recruiters sense talent like immortals sense immortaliy around them, Highlander Morrison.