Monday, December 31, 2007

Thank you, please call again

Actual excerpt from my conversation with Dell last week, when they were pushing me to renew the warranty on my 1-year-old laptop:

Salesman: Don’t you want to protect your investment? What would you do if your laptop broke down?
Me: Well, I imagine I’d have to buy another laptop that wasn’t a Dell.
Salesman: And you think that’s a good risk to take?
Me: Weighed against the risk of the laptop actually breaking down after a year, yes, I do.
Salesman: Well, what about your car? Don’t you keep that insured?
Me: True, but I’m far less likely to kill someone with my laptop.

I think I may have deviated slightly from their script on that answer.


Danielle! said...

Found your blog randomly and am highly amused. You're a hell of a writer.

Office Overlord said...

This is the nicest surprise I've gotten all week, and will continue to be so unless my paycheck doesn't bounce.